In order to place the Suffrage Movement in historic context, four timelines are available for your use.

General Historic Events — Includes information on U.S. constitutional amendments, wars and inventions.

Rochester Region Suffrage Timeline — Contains information on suffragists in the Rochester region and Western New York suffrage events.

National Suffrage Timeline — Covers national and international suffrage events including key speeches, conventions, and legal actions.

Reform Movements — Because the Suffrage Movement was one of several reform movements begun in the 1800s, it is important to understand how the movements intertwined. This timeline lists information on movements such as labor reform, dress reform, abolition (anti-slavery), and temperance.

Whenever possible and practical, hot links have been inserted that will lead you to additional information elsewhere on the Internet.

You may use the timelines to:

  • Understand what occurred before, during and after the Suffrage Movement began.
  • Discover how much occurred in our history before women were granted the right to vote.
  • Draw relationships between the Suffrage Movement and political events in the United States.
  • Begin to understand the relationship between the various reform movements.