Livonia Mobile Hotspots Lending Library

Thanks to an extremely generous donor, the Livonia Public Library now has TEN mobile hotspots (all with unlimited data), available for loan to
patrons. The first five hotspots were purchased by the Friends of the Livonia Public Library in September for the start of the new school year.  Since then, they have been in constant use by students, families, and many others in need of Internet at home.  There are more than 13% of households in Livingston County that do not have any form of Internet access.  That means zero ability to look at their financial accounts, keep up to date on medical records, be aware of important news, or connect with family and friends.  Another 18% of families have very limited and/or costly plans, either through high-priced satellite dish technology or expensive mobile plans. With the Mobile Hotspot Lending Library, we are now able to improve the quality of life for many in our community by providing them with necessary access to the digital world.  With the Mobile Hotspot Lending Library, every resident in our community, even those living in the region’s most rural areas, will now have vital access to the Internet they need to find employment, learn new skills, succeed in school, and become fully engaged digital citizens.

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