RRLC Access Card Program

The RRLC Access Card Program is based on the premise that participating RRLC libraries will translate their commitment to cooperation and service into library access for users of other libraries in the region, even though their collections may not otherwise be open to the public. The program is meant to provide serious library users with access to resources not available either in the library with which they are primarily affiliated or in other libraries open to the public.

The Access Card Program is particularly helpful to users who need something from another collection immediately, who need to browse through a specialized collection, who lack sufficient bibliographic information for effective interlibrary loan, or who need to use resources which cannot be borrowed or photocopied.

This program is open to Full, Associate, and Affiliate members (including members of public and school library systems).

Access Cards for the 2015/16 year are now available. To learn how your library patrons can benefit from this reciprocal borrowing card, go to https://rrlc.org/resource-sharing/access-cards/.

An Access Card isn’t needed as many cases, academic libraries offer on-site use to guests and some even issue guest user cards. To see Academic Guest User Policies go to: https://rrlc.org/resource-sharing/access-cards/academic-libraries-guest-user-policies/.

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